Composite and ceramic slot-retained adhesive bridges: effects of thermomechanical loading

Bortolotto T, Onisor I, Perakis N, Krejci I

In book: State of the Art of CAD/CAM Restorations, 20 years of CEREC

Publisher: Quintessence, Editors: Mormann WH, pp.123-130


In March 2006, researchers, clinicians, and laboratory technicians from all over the world gathered in Berlin, Germany, at the CEREC 20th Anniversary Symposium to share their experiences with this high-technology system that has revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry. CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology to scan the tooth, create a 3-D digital model, and design an esthetic, durable, and biocompatible ceramic restoration, which can then be fabricated in 10 to 20 minutes and placed by the clinician. Patients, clinicians, and laboratory technicians have embraced this unique treatment approach, which provides restorations that look and function like natural teeth in a single appointment. This book presents the proceedings of the conference, offering professionals involved in all areas of restorative dentistry valuable insights and information about this continually evolving technology and how it can be used to improve clinical success.

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